What is Board Governance?


Finding and developing effective ways to organize management is one of the most important tasks of a manager. It does not matter the scale of activity or specifics of activity. This question is most relevant for companies which use a corporate management system. How to organize corporate management with the use of modern digital technologies – learn more about this article.

What is corporate governance?

Before proceeding to the analysis of the specifics of the organization of corporate governance, it is necessary to learn a little more about this concept. Corporate governance is a system of management, which is based on approved company rules and practices. It is part of the corporate culture, because it is based solely on the rules of the organization of activities, adopted in each particular company.

Corporate management has some characteristic features:

  • It is based on the rules and internal processes approved in the company;
  • The main corporate governance mechanism is the board of directors;
  • It unites all parts of the corporate culture: ethics, risk management and general directions of the company’s development.

Organization of corporate governance should also be based on such principles as responsibility of all participants, transparency and accountability of their actions, fairness and equality.

How to effectively organize corporate governance?

Modern business requires the most effective tools for organizing work at all levels. The same applies to the organization of corporate governance. That is why companies more and more often use modern digital technologies for organizing the work of the board of directors. In particular, tools of virtual data rooms or cloud platforms are increasingly being used.

The efficiency of the entire management process and company operations depends on how well thought-out the organization of corporate governance is. In order to organize management with maximum benefit for the company, it is necessary to adhere to some basic rules:

  1. The management strategy must take into account the interests of the company as a whole. This means that the strategy must correspond to the interests of each employee of the company, not only those of the management structures.
  2. The management strategy must correspond to the chosen path of development. The management mechanism must be built with the overall development strategy of the company in mind, not just short-term goals.
  3. Management should be open to communication. The board of directors should work in such a way as to be ready at any moment to answer any questions both from external controlling persons and from its own employees.

Most companies are increasingly using best practices in corporate governance, which include the use of digital technology. For example, virtual boards help to plan and organize the management process, even in a remote format. And all the actions of the board members can be tracked in real time, corporate documents or projects can be viewed, and proposals for improving the organization of the company can be made.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of corporate governance. On how efficiently it is organized, the productivity of the company as a whole depends. Therefore it is recommended to apply experience of the advanced companies in the organization of work of corporate management, including – with use of virtual boards and cloud platforms.