How to limit your board meeting time?


What procedures and tactics were used by the organizers at the preparation stage determines the result, which affects the work of the entire company.  There are many practices for organizing meetings, but all of them are focused on the efficient use of time and the introduction of new methods of organization in the corporate culture. What methods should be used to organize board meetings and how to apply them – we suggest you learn from our article.


Best practices of time management at board of directors meetings

Long business meetings can be quite tedious. Due to the flow of a large amount of information and the limited environment, the effectiveness of such meetings can significantly suffer, and as a result it will be impossible to solve the problematic issue with maximum benefit to the company. To avoid this, we recommend using our tips for a competent use of time at the meeting with maximum benefit to all.


Choose the right experts

Some experts in the field of board organization claim that too many participants are often invited to business meetings. As a result, many people are brought in to discuss urgent issues from the life of the company, and they are not always properly qualified to deal with these issues. If the matter is not an annual report, which must be attended by all members of the board of directors, it is better to invite to a business meeting those members of the board who are well versed in the issues. In this way, you can reduce the time for discussion of the issues without losing the effectiveness of the issues.


Set a clear timeframe

To prevent the business meeting from getting bogged down, you should set a time limit in advance for the debates and discussions on the flowing issues. This way, you can keep track of the overall meeting time, as well as avoid wasting time on unnecessary conversations. Virtual whiteboard time management tools can help with this: not only can you keep track of meeting time, but you can also predict how many minutes speakers will need to present the essence of the issue.


Make a clear plan for a future meeting

Another tip for those who want to conduct business meetings with maximum benefit and minimum time is to make a detailed agenda and send it to all participants. This way you can predict the time to discuss issues, the course of the entire business meeting and minimize the emergence of unforeseen issues that will take up corporate time.


Outline the range of issues that can only be resolved by the board of directors

Many problems in the life of the company can be solved without the board of directors being involved. To do so, it is sufficient to delegate their resolution to competent employees, rather than putting them up for public discussion. It is advisable to include in the agenda only the most important problems of the company’s life, as this will not only reduce the time of the meetings, but will also avoid excessive detailing of business matters.


Do not ignore preliminary preparation

The result of board meetings depends not only on the time-management skills of the organizers, but also on the quality of preliminary preparation. If you gather all the necessary documents for the business meeting in advance and provide copies to all participants, you won’t have to waste unnecessary time at the business meeting.