Firmex integrates with video workflow Data room software tools

Company employees spend a lot of time and effort archiving, then finding and editing their documents. Firmex data room can be used to improve organization in the office and thus work much more efficiently during business transactions. Here is more about it.

What is Firmex?

The need for ways to edit documents online in a team is constantly growing – whether in development cooperation, contract conclusions, or financing rounds. Thus, Firmex data room is a solution for secure data exchange across company boundaries.

Firmex data room is a model of data storage, according to which they are distributed to multiple servers located in different places. Therefore, using it, you get rid of binding to one server or physical media. Even if one of the servers fails, the cloud solution provider will redistribute the load to the other servers and back up the data. The software allows you to understand how data and business processes work in your company, enabling you to evaluate them. In addition, approval history and audit trails mean that you can always track whether your documents meet security requirements.

So, thanks to the video workflow tool, Firmex data room automates the process of meetings, starting from the formation of the agenda, ending with the formation of the minutes, and control over the execution of instructions following the results of the meeting. In addition, the system implements comprehensive protection of information from unauthorized access.

Advantages of using Firmex data room

Firmex data room is crucial for smooth business processes as it provides the following advantages for its users:

  • Saving time

The documents can be easily uploaded using drag-and-drop and are then available at any time so that a considerable amount of time can be saved even with electronic archiving. Furthermore, since all content can also be called upon the go, data room is possible independent of time and place.

  • Working better together

Every digital document archived in the virtual data rooms is available to every authorized employee, regardless of location and platform. It can therefore be called up, edited, and shared by e-mail. Several edited versions are possible with intelligent versioning without overwriting the original document. It means that all work steps are logged, and revised documents are versioned. Individual changes of certain employees can be viewed at any time.

  • Data security

With configurable access control, only authorized persons can access documents – and thanks to individual authorizations, only those for whom they are released. In the Firmex data room, the digital documents are stored in a data center, which has state-of-the-art security measures certified several times. In addition, extensive data security measures ensure reliable protection against power failure, fire, burglary, and hacking.

How to integrate Firmex with video workflow tools?

Today most data room providers, including Firmex, enable video workflow modules for organizing online meetings. For example, this function is frequently used for setting up conferences for the board of directors. In this case, Firmex data room allows companies to:

  • expedite the procedure for holding a meeting of the collegiate body;
  • refuse paper interaction in the preparation of the meeting;
  • vote electronically at in-person and absentee meetings;

    provide maximum information support to the meeting participants, including through remote access to the archive of events held.

Business processes have already been set up and adjusted to facilitate effective meetings and discussions inside the solution. As a result, employees may not worry about adequately organizing meetings in the company or building work from scratch.